Yamaha YZF-R1

Artikel: Yamaha R1Framesliders
type: YZF-R1
prijs: € 25.00
kleur: Zwart
Staat: nieuw
soort: Overige
PROTECTOR R1 '04-'06 Blokbeschermer links. AANBIEDING; van 59 voor 25 euro. Sometimes the clutch cover of the R1 '04-'06 is damaged by a slide. Of course, fitting our Defender Sliders the bike is protected from many types of impacts, but with this item fitted too, the bike is more protected. Thanks to our CNC machines we made this special parts like a sculture. The special milled external profile give a great strenght with incredible lightness to the alu part, while the derlyn plug (special grade of plastic) allows the motorbike to stop gradually during the fall reducing the risk of a roll over. An other big new is the way of fitment. Simply remove the original nut of the back fork and screw up this slider in its place. To tight the slider use the allen key used for the front axle (19mm) and install on the alu part the derlyn plug without tools (the plug is threated). Tecnical caratheristics: - maximum lightness: removing the nut (made by steel) and installing the Protector (made by aluminium and derlyn), the bike will weight only some grams more - easy installment: using the 19mm allen key tight the slider in place of the original nut of the back fork - money saving: when used, change only the plug and the slider will come back as new - no problems with the right foot - incredible look. All made by CNC machines in 3D milling and turning by billet of special alloy - anti-vibration o-ring: don't loose the plug while you ride AANBIEDING: van € 42,85 voor € 35,=
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