Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade

Artikel: Honda CBR1000RR Frame sliders
type: CBR 1000 RR Fireblade
prijs: € 109.00
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STREET DEFENDER KIT FOR HONDA CBR 1000 RR '05 This kit borned after several tests. The goal was to protect the CBR 1000 RR in the better way possible, but without modify the original fairing. We tested many solutions and in the end we decided to produce the kit in the way you can actually see, with the frame sliders bolted on two brackets that come out of the fairing in the back part. We made this kit in this way because: - the sliders are positioned in the nearest place to the centre of gravity of the bike, - in this point we have a lot of space, so we could design two very strong brackets, not only an aluminium sheet, - in this place we found two bolts that can be used for the fitment (not only one). So bolted, the brackets couldn't turn during the slide (if the bracket turns it will cause a lot of damage on the bike..), - we can protect better the right magnesium engine cover (the cost of the spare part is very high) and the middle part of the fairing. N.B.: on model 2004 the frame is a little bit different on the right side. The bracket can't be fixed with two bolts (only with one), but the kit can be used for this bike too with a little trick (indicated on the istructions paper that you'll find in the box). ATTENTION: THIS KIT DOESN'T FIT ON 2006 MODEL ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS: First of all take off the two upper panels (right and left) of the fairing (the parts in which are placed the indicators). Left Slider: 1) unscrew the bolt that fastens the engine and the frame on the back part (near the saddle). Unscrew also the small 6 mm bolt that fixes the fairing iron support, 2) Fit the new left brace bar in place of the bolt (the one placed over the sliders in the presentation box), 3) Use the M12 x 70 bolt and the screw M6 x 25 which are inside the presentation box to fix the new left brace bar. 4) Fit one of the two frame sliders on the brace bar, fixing it in the grub hole. Right slider: 1) Remove the bolt that links the frame and the engine on the back side, 2) Remove the small bolt that holds the electrical mass contacts on the frame. 3) Place the brace bar and fix it with the bolt M12 x 80. 4) Position the electrical contacts above the brace bar and fix it all with the screw M6 x 20. 5) Fix the slider on the brace bar. 6) Put back the fairing. ER HOEFT DUS NIET GEBOORD TE WORDEN VOOR HET MONTEREN VAN DEZE KIT! Nu in de aanbieding: van € 142,80 voor € 109
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