Kawasaki ZX-6R 25 KW

Artikel: Kawsaki ZX6R/RR Frame sliders
type: ZX-6R 25 KW
prijs: € 69.00
kleur: Zwart
Staat: Nieuw
soort: Overige
KIT STREET FOR KAWASAKI DEFENDER ZX6R/RR '05-'06 To fix the frame sliders on the Kawasaki ZX6R You should modify the left panel of the fairing. This new kit includes, in addition to the 2 specific frame sliders, a particular brace bar obtained from a single block of Ergal 7075 T6. This brace bar couples perfectly on the part of the left frame and, once it is fixed in place of it, You can fix the frame slider on the brace bar instead of directly on the frame. This way You can from now on fix your frame sliders in total security without making any hole in the fairing. AANBIEDING: van € 95,20 voor € 69
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