Kawasaki ER-6

Artikel: Kawasaki ER-6 Frame sliders
type: ER-6
prijs: € 69.00
kleur: Zwart
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soort: Overige
KIT STREET DEFENDER FOR KAWASAKI ER-6 This kit allows to protect in a very effective way the new Kawasaki The kit is composed by 2 frame sliders Defender, 2 brackets and all the nuts and bolts that you need to assemble it. On this motorbike is not possible to assemble frame sliders without drill both the fairings (cutting the lower corner) and remove the horn. Thanks to this kit instead, is very easy to fix the sliders and protect in a secure way Your motorbike. ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS: First of all remove the frame covers. Assembling left frame slider: 1) unscrew the bolt that fixes the engine and the frame together, it is near to the exhaust system 3) fix in this place the bracket with the long slider on it. The bracket should touch the iron frame on the place where is bended 4) unscrew the shorter bolt contained in the kit and reuse the original nut that you find behind the frame. Assembling right slider: 1) remove the bolt that fixes the frame and the engine together 2) place the bracket with the shorter slider on it 3) by using the long bolt contained in the kit fix the bracket, the frame and the engine together, reusing the iron cilinder and the original nut that were used on the original bolt 4) check that the derlyn plugs are tight correctly 5) Fit the frame covers in. AANBIEDING: van € 95,20 voor € 69,=
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