Kawasaki ZX-10R

Artikel: Kawasaki ZX10R Frame sliders
type: ZX-10R
prijs: € 159.00
kleur: Zwart
Staat: Nieuw
soort: Overige
KIT STREET DEFENDER FOR KAWASAKI ZX10R '04-'05 This kit allows to protect with efficacy the Kawasaki ZX10R without modify anything on the fairing as usually You should do. Thanks to the 2 brace bars in light anodized alloy of ergal (golden colour) with double anchorage (engine and frame)and the consequence of an impact will not be transmitted directly on the frame but will be absorbed by the brace bar. In case of fall the fairing and the engine will therefore be safe, minimizing greatly the damages on Your motorbike. Every kit comprehends all the parts which are necessary to assemble it: 2 frame sliders, 2 brace bar in ergal, one new ergal and steel engine bolt complete with the spacers and all the steel zinc plated bolts. Inside the elegant presentation box you will find all the instructions to assemble the kit. Voor montage van deze set hoeft niet geboord te worden. AANBIEDING: van € 214,20 voor € 159
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