Honda CBR 600FS Sport

Artikel: Honda CBR600 Framesliders
type: CBR 600FS Sport
prijs: € 39.95
kleur: zwart
Staat: nieuw
soort: Overige
Frame Sliders Defender for CBR 600 F/Sport '99-'02 [DEF0102] Moet geboord worden in de kuip voor montage. AANBIEDING; van 65 euro voor € 39,95 MAXIMUM LIGHTNESS: thanks to the innovative raw materials wrought by numerical control machines. MAXIMUM SAFETY: the plug obtained from a single block of special plastic with low friction coefficient allows the motorbike to stop gradually during the fall reducing the risk of a roll over. All the fixing bolts are made of high-tensile steel. MAXIMUM SAVING: in case of fall You will only need to replace the plastic plug. With a very low cost Your frame slider will be as new. INNOVATIVE AESTHETIC QUALITY: we have studied a new design that matches the frame sliders with the line of the new motorbikes, sports and naked ones. In addition each part has been treated with an anodizing process which prevents the attack of atmospheric agents, preserving them forever as if they were new. The plug has been screen printed by laser. SCREW PREVENTION SYSTEM: the only ones that have a system which prevents the loss of the plug during the driving. MAXIMUM DISASSEMBLY PRACTICALNESS: it is sufficient to screw the plug with Your bare hands, without using utensils. FRAME SLIDERS DEFENDER: THE TOP! CAUTION: ON THIS BIKE IS NECESSARY TO DRILL THE FAIRING ON THE BOTH SIDES ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the upper fairing both right and left Left side: - unscrew derlyn plug from the aluminium part and by using a 8mm allen key fix the slider in place of the original bolts that fastens the engine in the rear part - we suggest to tighten the bolts following the instructions of the manufacturer - drill the fairing with a circular saw blade of 38mm diameter in correspondence to the slider - remount the fairing and with vim screw the plug on their supports. Right side: - repeat the same operations for the left side Ik heb deze tekst niet vertaald, omdat ik denk dat het zo beter uitgelegd is. De advies prijs is € 47,50, nu in de aanbieding voor € 39.95
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